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Vivien Hamilton and Len Vorster

Burns and Beyond: Songs of Robert Burns

“There is a certain something in the old Scotch songs, a wild happiness of thought and expression” Robert Burns

Vivien and pianist Len Vorster present their recording Burns and Beyond: Songs of Robert Burns as homage to the lyric genius of the 18th century Scottish ‘ploughboy’ poet Robert Burns. This artsong/folksong cross-over CD takes the listener on a journey through traditional arrangements of Burns songs, as well as more contemporary 19th and 20th century arrangements of the traditional tunes Burns loved. Burns’ romantic sensibility affected poets and composers throughout the globe and on this CD you will find the inclusion some lesser known French Mélodie, German Lied, American and Australian artsongs. Composers represented include Mrs H. H. Beach, Benjamin Britten, Ignaz Brüll, Percy Grainger, Andre Gedalge, John Maxwell Geddes, Esther Kahn, Claire Liddell, Liza Lehmann, Roger Quilter, Robert Schumann.

Buy this CD by sending a message through the above 'contact' link. The price in Australia is $30 plus $5 for postage and packaging.
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Vivien Hamilton with Consort Eclectus

Music for viols and voice
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Vivien Hamilton with Convivio

Convivio is unique as Australia's only chamber group...
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Tyrannick Love

Featuring the music of Purcell, Blow and Eccles, "Tyrannick Love" is a collection of lyrical, folky, character and dramatic "mad songs" for soprano, harpsichord, baroque cello (viol and baroque violins on occasion), each written for famous singers and actresses in popular Restoration dramas of late 17th century England. Vivien Hamilton gives the songs the lyricism and dramatic edge that they require, while being sensitively accompanied by Pricilla Taylor and Margaret Waugh.
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Olimpia - Cantatas of Alessandro Scarlatti

Within the repertoire of the Italian pastoral cantata, no composer produced more vivid or varied music than Alessandro Scarlatti. The musical imagery and declamation is of striking originality and abounds in melodic simplicity and lyrical beauty. Equally masterly is the variety of Scarlatti's phrasing, unmatched by any of his Italian contemporaries.
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La Compania

La Compania is set to broaden the horizons of early music in Australia with their exciting new CD, Music of the Spanish Renaissance. Featuring the expressive voice of soprano Vivien Hamilton and a variety of period instruments including cornetto, shawms, recorder, sackbuts, vihuela and percussion. Generously filled with seventeen tracks, this recording pays tribute to some of the great Spanish composers of the period and captures the joyful spirit of the 16th century minstrel band. The music is rhythmic, colourful, exciting and above all, spontaneous!
Henry Handel Richardson
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Henry Handel Richardson

The music of Henry Handel Richardson ...
No hope no reason
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No Hope No Reason

Through song, dance and projected image, No Hope No Reason evokes a world where certainty has been lost....
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Troubadours Live

Popular a capella music from the 16th to the 20th century.