vivien hamilton - soprano

Vivien Hamilton - soprano

Welcome to my website!


As a performer I delight in the delectable and the unexpected! I revel in the sounds of words and the nuance of meaning. I enjoy entertaining others and I love what I do! I have very wide ranging musical tastes as I grew up listening to vocal and instrumental pop, jazz, folk and classical music. As my professional “ear” has developed I find that my love for latin music, african music, world music as well as less well known classical music has grown. The effervescence of the Italian baroque monody or aria thrills me, the drama of the Restoration English song satisfies me, the textural polyphony of Renaissance music soothes me and medieval music makes me giggle with rhythmic joy. I bask in the poetry of art music, whether in German, French, Italian, or Spanish, and find great intellectual satisfaction in exploring new contemporary musical languages in vocal music, whether for solo voice or for vocal ensemble.


I am very happy accompanying students of singing at the piano. My skills are good. I could not emotionally live without my piano!

Singing Teacher

Whilst I tend to teach student vocal specialists at university, I am happy to offer my services (and have extensive experience in this area) to less experienced vocal students as part of my private business - The Voyce Studio. I do not teach pop music!

Recording Musician

I have recorded on CD, radio, television and for film.

If you have any queries regarding tuition or performing please feel free to contact me through my contact page.